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Event registrations and memberships are the life blood of associations. Webcasting enables associations to generate new revenue streams by expanding their in person audiences online and attracting new members by offering compelling online interactive content.
5/13/2022 11:27:09 PM

From AGM's to staff training, how to videos & all staff meetings, webcasting enables users to foster better communications, deliver just in time professional development and ensure everyone gets the same message at the same time. Track results by individual and enable feedback loops via moderated Q&A and polling.
5/13/2022 11:26:08 PM

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5/13/2022 11:26:32 PM

Eventing the Future 2016
ETF welcomes and attracts professionals from all sectors of the industry including sports, arts, festivals, business, education, government agencies, not-for-profit and fundraising. The conference is endorsed and supported by key government agencies with an interest in events and provides a unique and dedicated forum for professional development as well as connecting industry colleagues, funders and suppliers.
5/13/2022 11:27:20 PM

Webcasting offers agencies an affordable way to provide geographically dispersed internal and external stakeholders with just in time professional development, information updates and more.
5/13/2022 11:27:31 PM

Amplify medical knowledge with video. Hundreds of customers in the medical field use our webcasting services at the heart of their education and training curriculum. Whether it’s recording lectures, complex medical procedures, staff training or patient instructions, video visually adds to the experience enabling you to deliver highly technical information with ease.
5/13/2022 11:26:58 PM